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New Servers, Server options, Storage and Networking Hardware sales

IO South sells MORE new technology products than used. However, providing our customers the option to buy used is a unique way of offering a lower cost alternative.

Used,Refurbished, and Remanufactured Hardware sales

Nowadays most IT groups have refurbished assets as part of their overall strategy to manage costs. Refurb hardware can save our customers 30-70% over purchasing the same hardware new. Refurbished hardware comes from customer trade-ins, manufacturer overstocks and year-end models, distributor model liquidations, surplus or decommissioned customer inventory, asset recovery agreements, off-lease equipment and rental returns. Used or refurb gear can make sense, economic and operational, for certain projects such as disaster recovery, co-los and test environments. Manufacturer’s refurbishment programs are available through HP, IBM, Cisco, Sun and Dell. These remanufactured products give customers a great pricing alternative to new products. Remanufactured products go through a thorough refurbishment at the factory and are usually backed by the same warranty as the new equivalent. The advantage to buying remanufactured equipment is the savings compared to new.

End-of-Life equipment

When a manufacturer discontinues the manufacture of a line of its technology products obviously they are no longer available for purchase directly from that manufacturer. Therefore, the discontinued products are also no longer available through the traditional reseller-distribution channel. However, the secondary technology market consistently supplies end-of-life options that HP, IBM, Cisco and Sun customers still need.

Hard-to-Find equipment

A new product that is out of stock or backordered from the manufacturer may be available immediately in the secondary technology market.

Buy IT from you

We purchase YOUR surplus or decommissioned hardware. IO South will give its customers cash back or credit towards a future purchase.


Renting equipment makes sense in cases of Hardware Emergency, Conversions, Software Testing, Temporary Projects, etc. We offer flexible rental terms starting at 1 month allowing for month-to-month.


There are many reasons why leasing IT assets makes sense: avoiding technology obsolescence, better manage cash flow, tax savings, etc. IO South offers our customers leasing solutions to meet their financial goals and use their cash most productively.

Free integration

Testing and integration of our customers’ equipment is standard procedure for us and it’s always free of charge!! We can assemble and build orders based on customer specs at no additional charge. So…when an order from IO South arrives it’s ready for deployment.


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