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HP ProLiant BL490c G7 6C E5649 2.53GHz 6GB Blade Server

Known as the virtualization blade, the HP ProLiant BL490c G7 Server is characterized by its memory density in a half-height form factor. It provides 18 DIMMs, 6 or 4 core Intel® Xeon® 5600 Series processors, converged network support for up to 24 NICs, powerful Integrated Lights-Out 3 (iLO 3), and firmware based SATA RAID.

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  • System FeaturesOpen or Close

    Intel Six-Core E5649 2.53GHz/5.86 GT/s-12MB

    Processor(s) STD

    Processor(s) MAX

    Processor Cores


  • MemoryOpen or Close

    6GB 2R PC3-10600 RDIMM DDR3 (3x2GB)

    Memory STD

    Memory MAX

    Memory Slots

    Memory Speed


  • StorageOpen or Close

    Hard Drive(s)
    No drives included

    Drive Bays

    Drive Type

    Drive Form Factor

    RAID Controller
    HP Embedded SATA chipset RAID


  • What IncludeOpen or Close

    This product comes with our Exclusive 3 Year Warranty.

HP 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R-7 Kit(501538-001)

HP 4GB (1x4GB) Dual Rank x8 PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) Unbuffered CAS-9 Memory Kit(501541-001)

HP 4GB (1x4GB) Single Rank x4 PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) Registered CAS-9 Memory(595424-001)

HP 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R-7 Kit(500207-071)

HP 8GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 Kit(501536-001)

HP 4GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 Kit(501534-001)

HP 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600E-9 Kit(501540-001)

HP 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600R-9 Kit(501533-001)

HP 1GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600E-9 Kit(501539-001)

HP NC553m 10Gb 2-port FlexFabric Adapter for C-Class Blades(613431-B21)

HP NC552m 10Gb 2-port Flex-10 Ethernet Adapter for C-Class Blades(610609-B21)

HP NC542m PCI-e 10GbE Server Adapter Dual Port(539857-B21)

HP BLc QLogic iSCSI Dual Port Adapter(488074-B22)

HP NC522m PCI-e 10GbE Multifunction Server Adapter Dual Port(467801-B21)

HP NC532m PCI-e 10GbE Server Adapter Dual Port(467799-B21)

HP NC382m PCI-e Gigabit Multifunction Server Adapter Dual Port(453246-B21)

HP NC364m PCI-e Gigabit Server Adapter Quad Port(447883-B21)

HP NC325m PCI-e Gigabit Server Adapter Quad Port(416585-B21)

HP Smart Array P700M/512 Controller(508226-B21)

HP Smart Array P700M/256 Controller(507925-B21)

HP 256MB Cache Module(462968-B21)

HP Smart Array P-Series Low Profile Battery(452348-B21)

HP 32GB PC3-8500R-7 4Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 32GB) Low Power(627814-B21)

HP 16GB PC3-10600R-9 2Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 16GB) Low Power(627812-B21)

HP 8GB PC3L-10600R 2Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 8GB) Low Voltage(604506-B21)

HP 4GB PC3L-10600R-9 1Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 4GB) Low Voltage(604504-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C X5675 3.06GHz/6.4 GT/s-12MB Processor Kit(637437-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C L5630 2.13GHz/6.4 GT/s-12MB Processor Kit(612892-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C L5640 2.26GHz/6.4 GT/s-12MB Processor Kit(603606-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C X5650 2.66GHz/1366MHz-12MB Processor Kit(603603-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C x5670 2.93GHz/6.4 GT/s-12MB Processor Kit(603600-B21)

HP 4GB PC3-10600R-9 1Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 4GB)(593339-B21)

HP 4GB PC3-10600E-9 2Rx8 DDR3 Memory UDimm (1 x 4GB)(500672-B21)

HP 2GB PC3-10600E-9 2Rx8 DDR3 Memory UDimm (1 x 2GB)(500670-B21)

HP 1GB PC3-10600E-9 1Rx8 DDR3 Memory UDimm (1 x 1GB)(500668-B21)

HP 16GB PC3-8500R-7 4Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 16GB)(500666-B21)

HP 8GB PC3-10600R-9 2Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 8GB)(500662-B21)

HP 4GB PC3-10600R-9 2Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 4GB)(500658-B21)

HP 2GB PC3-10600R-9 2Rx8 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 2GB)(500656-B21)





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