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NVIDIA Tesla K10 Rev B Dual GPU PCIe Computational Accelerator

The NVIDIA Accelerators family improves computational time which can dramatically reduce compute time for parallel applications, offering quicker time to solutions.
By co-locating the NVIDIA Kepler™-based GRID GPUs and computational servers in the data center so that they share rather than transfer large datasets, display refresh-rates can be greatly improved.

  • Part NumberOpen or Close
    MFG Part Number: E5V47A
    Alternate Part Numbers: E5V47A
    Manufacturer: HP
  • SpecificationsOpen or Close

    Peak double precision floating point performance
    190 GFlops (95 GFlops/GPU)

    Peak single precision floating point performance
    4577 GFlops (2288 GFlops/GPU)

    Number of GPUs

    CUDA cores
    3072 (1536/GPU)

    Memory size per board (GDDR5)
    8GB (4GB/GPU)

    Memory bandwidth for board (ECC off)
    320 GB/sec (160 GB/sec/GPU)

    GPU Computing Applications
    Single precision computational applications

    Architecture Features
    Kepler generation, passive cooling

    Compatible with ProLiant SL250s/SL270s servers with Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors

  • CompatibilityOpen or Close
    SL270s Gen8


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