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Consulting Services

You can familiarize yourself in various ways with IO South's products and its range of solutions.

Thanks for the intuitively operable management console the training time is usually reduced to a minimum. In the implementations in larger or distributed environment as well as with more complex questions or simply in order to guarantee a smooth start, we support our customers on site with planning, introduction, implementation, and documentation of our Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

IO South's consulting team will help you with the following steps:


Training of IT administrators during the project so that all those working on the project are equally well informed. During the conceptualization and implementation the customer can underpin his/her theoretical knowledge with practice.

Actual and target analysis

Documenting of the IT infrastructure and the future requirements and expectations that are necessary for installing and configuring our solution.


Installing the EMM server components (only necessary in the case of private cloud), importing of customer specific network and device data, completing the desired configuration, and coaching of administrators.

Testing the pilot environment

Managing a pre-determined production environment for a limited group of locations, devices, and users. Identifying and discussing, if necessary, adaptations before implementation is completed.


Installing of the first locations with support and coaching by IO South's technical team and subsequent management of the rollouts.


Documenting the installed environment.

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