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About Us

Company Overview

IO South is an independent supplier of new and refurbished IT equipment. We offer technical expertise for the largest manufacturers including HP, IBM, Dell, Sun and Cisco. Different than a traditional VAR or manufacturer’s rep because we operate mostly in the global, secondary market of new and used, high-end IT equipment. 

Expect low costs, short delivery lead times, immediate turnaround on quotes and RFQ’S and product flexibility (buy/sell/lease ~ new/used/mfg refurb). Our customers are end user companies, resellers, leasing companies and managed service providers. We also offer cash, or credit towards a future purchase, for surplus, excess or decommissioned hardware. IO South is your place to buy, sell, rent, lease and trade IT equipment.

The Industry

The secondary technology market, including new and refurbished, consists of an estimated 40,000 resellers, dealers and distributors worldwide who conduct over $180 billion in annual sales. Employing over 100,000 people; it represents more than half of the entire market for IT products.


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