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HP ProLiant DL580 G7 2P QC E7520 1.86GHz 16GB Server

As exceptionally dense 4U rack servers, HP ProLiant DL580 G7 servers can be equipped with either 2 or 4 Intel Xeon processors, with the option of 4, 6, 8, or 10 cores. Furthermore, HP DL580 G7 rack servers feature 64 DIMM slots for a maximum memory capacity of up to 2TB. Also offering the option of up to 8 hot-pluggable SFF SAS, SATA or SSDs, DL580 G7 server blades have offer exceptional RAS and versatility for enterprise datacenters.


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  • System FeaturesOpen or Close

    Intel Quad-Core E7520 1.86GHz/4.8 GT/s-18MB

    Processor(s) STD

    Processor(s) MAX

    Processor Cores

  • MemoryOpen or Close

    16GB PC3-10600 RDIMMs DDR3 (4 x 4GB)

    Memory STD

    Memory MAX

    Memory Slots

    Memory Speed

  • StorageOpen or Close

    Hard Drive(s)
    No drives included

    Drive Bays

    Drive Type

    Drive Form Factor

    RAID Controller
    HP Smart Array P410i/512MB FBWC Controller

  • What IncludeOpen or Close

    This product contains a manufacturer's warranty. For specific details on this warranty, please Contact Us.

HP 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R-7 Kit(501538-001)

HP 500GB 3G SATA 7.2K RPM 2.5in Midline Hot Plug Hard Drive(508035-001)

HP 160GB 3G SATA 7.2K RPM 2.5" SFF Midline Hot Plug Hard Drive(530932-001)

HP 500GB 2.5" SFF 6G Dual Port SAS 7.2K RPM Hot Plug Hard Drive(508009-001)

HP 16GB 4Rx4 PC3-8500R-7 Kit(500207-071)

HP 8GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 Kit(501536-001)

HP 4GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 Kit(501534-001)

HP 2GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600R-9 Kit(501533-001)

HP NC552SFP PCI-e 10Gb Dual Port Server Adapter(614203-B21)

HP NC523SFP PCI-e 10Gb Dual Port Server Adapter(593717-B21)

HP DL580 G7 / DL980 G7 (E7) Memory Cartridge(644172-B21)

HP 32GB PC3-8500R-7 4Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 32GB) Low Power(627814-B21)

HP 16GB PC3-10600R-9 2Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 16GB) Low Power(627812-B21)

HP 8GB PC3L-10600R 2Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 8GB) Low Voltage(604506-B21)

HP 4GB PC3L-10600R-9 1Rx4 DDR3 Memory RDimm (1 x 4GB) Low Voltage(604504-B21)

Intel Xeon 10C E7-8867L 2.13GHz-30MB Processor Kit(643079-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C E7-4807 1.86GHz-18MB Processor Kit(643077-B21)

Intel Xeon 8C E7-4820 2.0GHz-18MB Processor Kit(643075-B21)

Intel Xeon 8C E7-4830 2.13GHz-24MB Processor Kit(643073-B21)

Intel Xeon 10C E7-4850 2.00GHz-24MB Processor Kit(643071-B21)

Intel Xeon 10C E7-4860 2.26GHz-24MB Processor Kit(643069-B21)

Intel Xeon 10C E7-4870 2.40GHz-30MB Processor Kit(643067-B21)

HP DL580 G7 / DL980 G7 Memory Cartridge(588141-B21)

Intel Xeon QC E7520 1.86GHz-18MB Processor Kit(595245-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C X7542 2.67GHz-12MB Processor Kit(588156-B21)

Intel Xeon 8C L7555 1.86GHz-24MB Processor Kit(588154-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C E7530 1.86GHz-12MB Processor Kit(588152-B21)

Intel Xeon 6C E7540 2GHz-18MB Processor Kit(588150-B21)

Intel Xeon 8C X7560 2.27GHz-24MB Processor Kit(588143-B21)

HP 1TB SFF SATA 7.2K Hard Disk Drive (HDD)(625609-B21)







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