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Dell PowerEdge T610

The next-generation Dell OpenManage™ suite offers enhanced operations and standards-based commands designed to integrate with existing systems for effective control.

Lifecycle Controller is the engine for advanced systems management integrated on the server. Lifecycle Controller simplifies administrator tasks to perform a complete set of provisioning functions such as system deployment, system updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator (USC) in a pre-OS environment. This eliminates the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD media.

The new Dell Management Console (DMC), powered by Altiris from Symantec, delivers a single view and a common data source into the entire infrastructure. Dell Management Console is built on the Symantec™ Management Platform (formerly Altiris® Notification Server) — an easily extensible, modular foundation that can provide basic hardware management or more advanced functions such as asset and security management. Dell Management Console helps reduce or eliminate manual processes so less time and money are spent keeping the lights on and more time can be spent on strategic uses of technology.

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  • System FeaturesOpen or Close

    Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 and 5600 series 
    Six-core Intel® Xeon® 
    Quad-core Intel® Xeon®

    Intel® 5520

    Two hot plug redundant PSUs 570W (Energy Smart PSU ) or two 870W (High Output PSU)

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power supplies):
    500W – 2700W
    Extended Battery Module (EBM)
    Network Management Card

    Thermal Operation
    Continuous Operation: 10C to 35C, 10% to 80% relative humidity (RH). 
    10% of annual operating hours: 5C to 40C, 5% to 85%RH. 
    1% of annual operating hours
    : -5C to 45C, 5% to 90%RH

  • MemoryOpen or Close

    Up to 192GB (12 DIMM slots): 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB DDR3
    Up to 1333Mhz

  • StorageOpen or Close


    SAS, SATA, Near-line SAS, SSD: 
    2.5" SAS (10K rpm): 73GB, 146GB, 147GB, 300GB
    2.5” SAS (15K RPM) 36GB, 73GB, 300GB, 600GB
    2.5” SATA II (5.4K RPM): 80GB, 160GB, 250GB
    2.5” SATA II (7.2K RPM): 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB
    2.5" SSD: 25GB4, 50GB, 100GB, 150GB
    3.5” SATA (7.2K): 80GB,160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB
    3.5” SAS (10K): 400GB
    3.5” SAS (15K): 73GB, 146GB, 300GB , 450GB
    3.5” 6Gps SAS (7.2K): 2TB
    3.5” Near-Line SAS (7.2K): 500GB, 750GB, 1TB

    Maximum Internal Storage: 
    Up to 24TB SATA, Near Line SAS, SAS or SSD

  • Server ManagementOpen or Close


    Dell™ OpenManage™ 
    Lifecycle Controller 
    iDRAC6 Enterprise (Optional) 
    vFlash (Optional)

  • OthersOpen or Close


    Optional add-in NICs: 
    Dual Port 10GB Enhanced Intel Ethernet Server Adapter X520-DA2 (FcoE Ready for Future Enablement)
    Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter, Gigabit, Copper, PCI-E x4
    Intel PRO/1000 VT Quad Port Server Adapter, Gigabit, Copper, PCI-E x8
    Intel 10GBase-T Copper Single Port NIC, PCI-E x8
    Intel Single Port Server Adapter, 10Gigabit, SR Optical, PCI-E x8
    Intel® Gigabit ET Dual Port Server Adapter -Intel® Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adapter 
    Broadcom Dual Port 10GbE SFP+
    Broadcom® BMC57710 10Base-T Cooper Single Port NIC, PCI-E x8 
    Broadcom® BMC5709C IPV6 Gigabit Copper Dual Port NIC with TOE and iSCSI Offload, PCI-E x4 
    Broadcom® BMC5709C IPV6 Gigabit Copper Dual Port NIC with TOE, PCI-E x4 
    Broadcom® NetXtreme II® 57711 Dual Port Direct Attach 10Gb Ethernet PCI-Express Network Interface Card with TOE and iSCSI Offload 
    Brocade CNA Dual-port adapter; Emulex CNA iSCSI HBA stand up adapter OCE10102-IX-D 

    Optional add in HBAs: 
    Qlogic® QLE 2462 FC4 Dual Port 4 Gbps Fiber Channel HBA 
    Qlogic® QLE 2460 FC4 Single Port 4 Gbps Fiber Channel HBA 
    Qlogic® QLE2562 FC8 Dual-channel HBA, PCI-E Gen 2 x4 
    Qlogic® QLE2560 FC8 Single-channel HBA, PCI-E Gen 2 x4 
    Emulex® LPe-1150 FC4 Single Port 4 Gbps Fiber Channel HBA, PCI-E x4 
    Emulex® LPe-11002 FC4 Dual Port 4 Gbps Fiber Channel HBA, PCI-E x4 
    Emulex® LPe-12000, FC8 Single Port 4 Gbps Fiber Channel HBA, PCI-E Gen 2 x4 
    Emulex® LPe-12002, FC8 Dual Port 4 Gbps Fiber Channel HBA, PCI-E Gen 2 x4 
    Brocade FC4 and 8 GB HBAs


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