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Dell PowerEdge T410

Compact, flexible, quiet and easy to use, the Dell PowerEdge™ T410 uses Dell next-generation technologies for reliable performance. The advanced performance of Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series and Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series, DDR3 memory and up to six 3.5-inch hard drives (or optional 2.5-inch) meet the multi-application needs of growing businesses. The Dell PowerEdge T410 features quiet acoustics, available redundant power supplies and excellent diagnostics with an available interactive LCD.

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  • System FeaturesOpen or Close

    Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 and 5600 series
    Six-core Intel® Xeon® 
    Quad-core Intel® Xeon®

    Intel® 5500 chipset

    Non-Redundant, 525W (80+)
    Optional Redundant, 580W (80+ GOLD)
    Auto Ranging (100V~240V)

  • MemoryOpen or Close


    Up to 128GBs (8 DIMM slots)1GB/2GBs/4GBs/8GBs/16GBs DDR3 800MHz, 1066MHz or 1333MHz 
    Unbuffered w/ECC or Registered w/ECC at 1333/1066/800MHz 

    4GBs RDIMM 
    8GBs RDIMM

  • StorageOpen or Close


    Hard Drive Options: 
    3.5" SATA (7.2K RPM): 160GBs, 250GBs, 500GBs, 750GBs, 1TB
    3.5" Near Line SAS (7.2K RPM) 500GBs, 750GBs, 1TB
    3.5" 6Gps SAS (7.2K): 2TBs
    3.5" SAS (15K RPM): 146GBs, 300GBs, 450GBs
    3.5" SAS (10K RPM): 600GBs
    2.5" SAS (10K RPM): 73GBs, 146GBs, 300GBs
    2.5" SATA SSD 25GBs, 50GBs, 100GBs

    Maximum Internal Storage: 
    12TBs (6x 2TB SATA) 
    12TBs (6x 2TB NL-SAS)

    Backup Devices 
    RD1000 (Internal and External)
    DATA72 (Internal and External)
    LTO2-L (Internal and External)
    LTO3-060 (Internal and External)
    LTO3FH (External)
    LTO4-120 HH (Internal and External)
    LTO4-120 FH (External)
    PV114T (External, 2U) 

    Tape Automation 

    Backup and Recovery Software: 
    Symantec Backup Exec including Backup Exec System Recovery

  • OthersOpen or Close


    Intel PRO/1000PT - Single Port Intel x1 PCIe, copper GbE NIC
    Dual Port Broadcom 5709 PCIe copper, GbE NIC, TOE
    Dual Port Broadcom 5709 PCIe copper, GbE NIC, TOE/Isoe
    Intel PRO/1000VT Quad Port Intel x4 PCIe copper, GbE NIC
    Intel Single Port 1GbE NIC
    Intel Dual Port 1GbE NIC
    Intel Quad Port 1GbE NIC
    Broadcom Dual Port 1GbE NIC
    Brocade CNA Dual-port adapter 

    Optional add in HBAs: 
    Brocade FC4 and 8 GB HBAs


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