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HP 3TB G2 FH/HL PCIe ioDrive2 IO Accelerator

HP PCIe Workload Accelerators allows you to implement ten times the number of virtual machines compared to typical virtualization environments.
Achieve significant energy cost savings with 70% more compute per Watt of power with server and Accelerators.

  • Part NumberOpen or Close
    MFG Part Number: 721458-B21
    Alternate Part Numbers: 721458-B21
    Manufacturer: HP
  • SpecificationsOpen or Close

    Usable capacity

    NAND Flash, MLC

    Max sequential throughput
    Reads 1.4 GiB/s, Writes 1 GiB/s

    Access latency
    Reads 495 microseconds, Writes 35 microseconds

    Form factor
    Full Height/Half length-Low profile PCI Express x 8 slot (spec 2.0)

    Bus interface
    PCI Express x 4

    What's included
    (1) 3000GB Multi Level Cell IO Accelerator
    (1) Half height PCIe bracket
    (1) Read Me First
    (1) Important Notice

  • CompatibilityOpen or Close
    DL380p Gen8, DL360p Gen8, DL580 Gen8, DL560 Gen8, DL360e Gen8, DL385p Gen8 , DL380 Gen9


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